Bedre Chocolate

Redlake Nation Foods

Zia Queenbee Co

IOWAY Bee Farm

Red Lake Nation Fishery

Alliance of Native Seedkeepers

Off The Rez

Charger Foods

Loco Motion Food Truck

Cree's Smoke House Jerky

Hot Mama

Hannah Wahwassuck

Mnopgwad Preserves

Donna Brown Cooking

Salmon King Fisheries

Thunder Island Coffee Roasters

Tanka Bar

O-Gap-Pah Coffee

Native Brews

The Sioux Chef

Pueblo Harvest Cafe

Kai at the Sheraton Wild Horse Pass

Pequot Cafe

Werewocomoco Restaurant

Four by Brother Luck

Mitsitam Cafe

Tiwa Kitchen Restaurant & Bakery

Navajo Agricultural Products Industry

Ndee Bikiyaa, The Peoples' Farm

Ramona Farms

San Xavier Co-op Farm

Tamaya Blue

Star Village Coffee

Ts'uyya Farm

Twisted Cedar Wines

UTE Bison

Yeego Coffee

Seka Hills

Spirit Mountain Roasting Company

Sakari Farms

She Nah Num Seafood

Suquamish Seafoods

DX Beef

Lakota Foods

Honor The Earth

Minogin Market

Native Harvest

Oneida Cannery

Spirit Lake Farms


Ziibimijwang Farm

Seneca Nation Gakwi:yo:h Farms

Micmac Farms

Passamaquoddy Maple

Quapaw Cattle Company

Cree Coffee Co

Indigenous World Winery

Nk'Mip Cellars

Bow & Arrow Brewing Co

Native American Tea Company

Wahpepah's Kitchen

Red Mesa Cuisine

Ionte's Cornbread

Bow & Arrow Corn

Dynamite Hill Farms

Leech Lake Wild Rice

White Earth Wild Rice

Iroquois White Corn

Indigenous World Winery

Nk'Mip Cellars

4th World Farm

Kita Wines

Takelma Roasting Co

Burning Cedar Indigenous Foods- Oklahoma

Etiquette Catering Company- South Dakota

I Collective

Indigenous Food Lab- Minnesota

Wild Berries Catering- Wisconsin


Sierra Seed Cooperative

Sovereign Seeds

Lakota Honey Lodge

Native Ground Coffee

Intertribal Foodways

Pow Wow Grounds Coffee

Bangin' Bannock

Native Times Coffee

Salish Grounds

Beaver Tales Coffee

Native American Coffee

Tribal Grounds Coffee

Ekowah Coffee

Native Blend Coffee

Native Coffee Traders

Spirit Bear Coffee Company


Blue Corn Custom Designs

Wabanaki Maple

Salmon and Bannock

Chahta Heritage Food


Native Soul Cuisine

June Bug Catering